Welcome to McMillan Farms

Family Matters to us!

There is a stirring here.

 We have been here in East Tennessee for 13 years.

 The Lord brought us here and we have no doubt He is why we are here.

We have gone form one church to another looking for the church family that we desired.

Each one we have left for one reason or another not feeling that we had found "our" church, but gleaning

something from each one we visited. We have found our church family now and are so thankful for them!

Of the 13 years we have lived in N.E Tennessee, 11 of those years have been spent living on this farm.

We have a dream of building a Christ Centered Retreat for families and churches to come to and find rest.

One thing after another has either slowed our progress, or even at times stopped it all together temporarily.

Our  dream remains still to build a place that is Christ Centered for people to come to.

 This year (2014) has been a particularly difficult year in the building process for various reasons.

One of the main roadblocks in our building was one that can never be repaired. 

 Our  close friend and builder was murdered by his only son.

This has not only been a test of our faith, but it has also somehow changed the direction of our path.

Sometimes in life you have to stop and take a good look at where you are really headed.

 Are you still in the will of the Lord or are you doing things in your own knowledge, in your own will??

It is EASY to get lax and attempt to do things that you think are a GREAT idea!

 But WHOSE idea is it? Yours or the Fathers?

 As we rest from the events of the last  few months, and take a look back at where we were headed, and why

we were headed in that direction it is clear that our Father has changed our course from one of selfish

ambition being wrapped up in "BUILDING", to one of wanting nothing but HIM.  There is no sense in building

anything you can imagine to build, if He is not FIRST and foremost in your life. That's all there is to it. If you

are not focused on the Lord FIRST then you will build to fail. Oh it may last a while and things may look good

but it will fail if He is not your King.

He IS our King, our Abba Father, our Savior, our Redeemer, Our Helper,Our Creator, our beginning and our

end. We feel this stirring of the Holy Spirit. He is calling His OWN to Himself and they who know Him will

answer. They who truly know Him should not waiver,do not tarry. Pray and worship the True and only Lord

God who is our Abba Father. He is real. He is coming for his Bride.

Abba Father we pray that you would firstly forgive us our trespasses and selfishness. We pray that whomever reads this would be blessed by the indwelling of your Holy Spirit. We are so humbled by your forgiveness, your mercies and your grace Lord. Help us to minister to and encourage those who need you Lord. Amen


FAST FORWARD TO 2019............................................

 This year is going to be one awesome year here at McMIllan Farms.

So many wonderful things have happened since I wrote the Abba Father letter!

1) NEVER EVER give up on your dreams!!!

2) Gods timing is NOT ours!    ( We know that but when we get something on our minds it seems like it SHOULD be faster!)

3)  Our bath house will be finished this SPRING!!!!! It has come a LONG way and is almost completed!

4)We have some new additions to the farm for visitors to enjoy. We now host Sandy Sgrillo and her wandering Llamas! They do trekks here on the farm and in the state forests PLUS Sandy has set up her own "Glamping Tent" for visitors to rent.

5) We will have our own "glamping tents" set up soon and this summer we will have some primitive cabins put in with horse stalls beside them for visitors!

Things are shaping up here on the farm, Thanks be to God the one who created us all and who LOVES us all so much!

Stick to your dreams, don't let anyone discourage you! The devil is a LIAR and he may make some bad things happen in your life, but the Lord allows stuff too! We don't know the reason for all of the things that happen in our lives but rest assured they happen for a reason.

Maybe the Lord just wanted Robert Blanchard to be home with Himself. It was his time to go home. Who knows. What we do know is that we still have a dream and its REAL and it is coming TRUE! 

We are so excited to share the place the Lord has chosen for us with you!

It is going to be a wonderful year!

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